Beautiful Tourist Place in Thailand

There are a lot of beautiful tourist destinations in Thailand. You can feel different environtment and neighbour while visiting there. Thailand peoples are very honest and always giving smile to the tourist or travellers. Here are some beautiful places that you could visit in Thailand :

1. Grand Palace


Most of the tourist attractions in Thailand is located in the nation’s capital is the city of Bangkok. One of the well-known tourist attraction located in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is considered one of the most beautiful buildings located in Thailand loh. The building is also regarded as one of the tourist spots in Thailand the most attractive for the traveler. Grand Palace was built in 1782 and initially functioned as a Palace for the King of Thailand. The buildings of the Grand Palace combines the original architecture of Thailand with Western-style architecture. At this location, you can also nemuin garden furnished using the style of the United Kingdom.

Other buildings that you can find in the Grand Palace complex is a temple which is considered as the most sacred Temple in Thailand. In this temple you can see a statue of Buddha as high as 66 cm. This Buddha statue was made in the 14th century and is considered the most sacred Buddha image in Thailand. In one year, there are three times the replacement ceremony clothes Buddha became one of the interesting attractions that you can follow. If you want to visit the Grand Palace complex, you should wear clothes that polite Yes. It is strongly recommended not to wear tank tops, shorts, or slippers on when visiting this location. To visit the Grand Palace, you have to pay the entrance ticket costing about 500 baht.

2. Wat Arun


In addition to the Grand Palace, another Thailand tourist attractions that you can visit when travelling in the country is Wat Arun. The Temple of Wat Arun is one of the oldest temple in Thailand. The Temple of Wat Arun is filled with decorations in the form of mosaic glass and porcelain China. This temple building itself is a depiction of Mount Meru which is the natural centre of the Kingdom in Buddhism. Wat Arun is located in Thonburi, a location opposite the Rattanakosin Island. Rattanakosin Island is the location of the establishment of the Grand Palace which is mentioned above. Thonburi and Rattanakosin Island is separated by a river named the Chao Phraya River. On the central part of the temple, you can find the Prang or monument as high as 70 meters. This monument has become one of the hallmark Thailand is already known around the world.

Wat Arun is also known as the Temple of Dawn. The term is obtained due to the location of the temples that look very beautiful when seen against the backdrop of the reddish twilight. If you want to capture the photo while visiting this site, you can come on a morning when the location is not too crowded by visitors

3. Chatuchak


Well for you who want to shop in Thailand while fun tourist attractions offered by this country, you should visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market or the Sunday market Chatuchak. Sunday market Chatuchak is regarded as one of the tourist spots in Thailand which pretty much visited the traveler. This market is also one of the largest market that you can find in the Asian region. This location became the site of a weekend not just attractive to citizens of Bangkok, but also by a traveler from different countries of the

Chatuchak market is always crowded by visitors. At this location you can find gaming of various types of goods ranging from souvenirs typical of Thailand to various types of products are offered in a variety of fashion boutiques. If you want to visit tourist spots in Thailand on this one, make sure you wear comfortable clothes because you’ll probably spend long enough to encircle the Chatuchak Market.

4. Wat Pho


Wat Pho is also considered as one of the tourist places in Thailand that we recommend you visit in this country. Wat Pho is also known as Wat Phra Chetuphon. The temple is also regarded as one of the oldest temple in Thailand. The attraction of this temple is a statue of the Buddha lying down or also known by the name of Reclining Buddha that was already very well known around the world. This statue has a length of 46 meters high and 15 meters. The entire surface is coated with pure gold statue 8Ogr

Location of Wat Pho not too far from the Grand Palace. You just took about 10 minutes walk from the Grand Palace if you want to visit this location. Wat Pho complex also known as traditional Thailand massage Learning Center or also known by the term Thai Massage. You could try Thai Massage service at this location is also loh. Entrance ticket to the Wat Pho is valuable about 100 baht. Same is the case when visiting the Grand Palace, you are advised to wear clothes that polite at the time visiting the Wat Pho.

5. Khao San Road


Another interesting site which also became one of the tourist spots in Thailand is the Khao San Road. It is also very crowded, just as the market is Chatuchak. Khao San Road was formerly one of the rice market in Bangkok. But Khao San Road has turned into a gathering place for backpackers from all over the world. In this area you can find loads of cheap lodgings, hostels, even up to a three star hotel. At this location you will also find various shops that sell clothing, tattoo places, where reflexology, travel agent, bar, cafe, and restaurant.

Want to enjoy a culinary tour? tourist attractions in Thailand may be the right choice. You can find various types of culinary specialties at this location starting from Thailand specialties such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and Mango Sticky Rice, even up to five feet dishes like spring rolls, fried chicken, or fried insects. The area of Khao San Road started crowded in the afternoon until midnight.

6. Phuket


Tourist attractions in Thailand is Phuket. This place is one of the attractions in Thailand’s most famous loh. Phuket is an island located in the province of changwat, Thailand. Phuket suffered substantial damage when a tsunami crashing in 2004, but still beautiful tetep kok until now. It has white sand and beach is pretty awesome! even being one of the places filming played Leonardo Dicaprio it loh. It is one of the must-see places super moment in Thailand

Well that’s the tourist spots in Thailand, interested to visit him? In addition to these locations, there are many more other cool locations that you can datengin pas traveling in Thailand a rich Asiatique the Riverfront, Madame Tussauds Bangkok, Siam Ocean World, Jim Thompson’s House Museum, and Yaowarat. Finally, Happy traveling!


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