Beautiful Tour Place to be Visited in Singapore

Singapore giving so many modern and beautiful places to one who love travelling. It gives you the comfort soiety, modern builldings, good people behaviour and also clean road yard. Here are some places that can be visited while travelling to Singapore :

1. Merlion statue and Esplanade.

The merlion statue is symbol for Singapore country. There are so many people visiting there to take beautiful pictures. Near to this, you can find Splanade. It is a building that like a durian fruit. The locations is near to fullerton hotels.

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2. Raffles Landing Site.

It is a Rafles replica statue with white colour facing to Singapore river. This place is the first landing place of governor Sir Stamford Raffles. The authentic one is in Victoria Concert Hall. The surrounding of this place, you can visit Clarke Quay, Kuil Tan Si Chong Su, Merlion Statue, etc.

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3. China Town.

In this place, you can got some souvenir or equipments with cheap price. It is like heaven to the visitor or traveller to buy some goods. In this place, there are famous places like People’s Park, etc. This place is located near New Bridge Road, Upper Pickering Street, Cantonment Road and South Bridge Road.

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4. Sentosa Island.

This is beautiful place like some isles near to beach. There are a lot of recreational sites and rides that travellers could try. When holiday time, this palce will be so many visitors both local and international.

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5. Kampong Arab/Kampong Glam.

Formerly, this place is only center for Singapore muslim to sell sarong, peci, Al Qur’an, sajadah and other muslim needs. But now, it transform to textiles center trade. You can find many kind of textiles like Bal-bal sifon, silk, georgette, etc. You also can find batik from Indonesia and Malaysia. It is located on North Bridge Road. There, you can find Sultan Mosque and Malay Heritage Centre.

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