Preparing Budget For Travelling

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Maybe almost people in the world like travelling. By getting arround to the other side of the world can make you feel better. You can know the athmosphere with many kind of difference. Tolerance in difference. You can see various languages, behaviours, foods, environment, and many others. I thing everyone can do something like that (travelling) and refreshing. One of the preparations for a trip or travelling is you should have mone or budget how to be there.

Here are some tips how to prepare money budget for travelling trip :

  1. Saving. Keep some of your salary for some plans. You manage by your own priority. For example : 15% for travelling, 15 % for saving, 30% for everyday needs, 25% for primary needs, 15% for miscellaneous needs. So the total is 100%. 15% of your salary for travelling is enough. By the time goes, you can see the total amount budget for travelling and than you are ready to go.
  2. Quiz. You can search so many infromations about quiz that you can try. Some of them giving the price for travelling, and many others giving the cash price. If you are lucky, that you can go travelling for free.
  3. Timing. It is about when you can got best time. Best time for everything, for buying plane ticket, for buying hotels or accomodations, for booking transportations, etc.  For example, if you want to get cheap transportations ticket, you can book plane ticket for 3 months before to go. Here you can see the difference betwee day to day ticket price. If you are lucky, you can got the chepest ticket, even you can got free tickets.

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