10 Best Russia Beautiful Tourist Holiday Destinations

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You want a vacation to Russia? Russia has many beautiful sights and amazing. Not only tourist landmarks but also the natural attractions that are perfect beauty.
Russia is one country that has the largest size in the world, so do not be surprised if there are many natural attractions in Russia are very beautiful and must to be visited. Want to know what sites in Russia must be visited? Read more below.

  1. Kamchatka. Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the sights in Russia are very interesting and unique to your visit. Until today there are many versions of the origin of the name of Kamchatka. Of the approximately 20 versions of the origin, there is one of the most credible version which mentions that the name is derived from the name of the river that flows through its territory.In addition, the main attraction of the tourist attractions in Russia this is where the volcano. At least there are about 300 volcanoes and until today there are more than 30 volcanoes that are still active.
  2. The Volga River and the Lena River. For you who love sports and recreation challenging, the Volga and the Lena River is a tourist place in Russia that are suitable for you because in addition to kayaking, tourist spot is also equipped with a natural beauty that is second to none. Volga river located in the area near the small settlement of Volgoverkhovy, while the Lena River is the river from the slopes of the mountains Baikal.In this area there are also a lot of twists and mountains are split in half by the river. This is the main attraction of tourist attractions in Russia this one so many tourists who want to visit. Volga River also touted as one of the largest rivers in Russia, while the Lena River is one of the rivers with the most torrential flow of water in the world.
  3. Altai mountains. Altai Mountains has long been the only link between Siberia and Mongolia. Because it is a connecting point of two regions, many of which mention his name to Altai.Some experts have also found a lot of evidence for life of ancient people who once lived here. Some of the relics found include stone sculptures, paintings, and many more. One very famous place in this region known as the Ulalinskaya which at least inhabited by ancient society of 1.5 million last year.
  4. Red Square. Red Square is one of the sights in Russia the most interesting and famous. Being in the Russian capital, Moscow, the area is a tourist place in Russia most visited by tourists from all over the world. This area is also one of the city center which is always crowded. This is not just because this place is located in Moscow, but because of the beautiful buildings that are phenomenal here.In tourist spots open to the public every day except on holidays and big events, you can spend a lot of time to take pictures because there are so many interesting photo spot that you can use. Red Square itself since 1990 has become part of World Cultural Heritage.
  5. Museum Hermitage. One of the most magnificent museum in Russia and has a large collection of history about the imperial Romanov is the Hermitage Museum. Museum is decorated golden pillars was founded by Katherine in 1764.When logging in to this area, you will feel in the Romanov imperial period, because in this museum there are a lot of historical collections, ranging from paintings, to the residence of the Romanov legacy.
  6. Lala Tulip Mosque. Same with the name, lala Tulip Mosque was built with a dome that looks almost similar to the tulips are in the process of expansion. Russia’s third largest mosque in this building which is slightly similar to a famous building in Australia, the Sydney Opera House, plus the interior is equipped with materials and items of very high quality.Russian tourist atmosphere in this one is very cool and comfortable because overgrown with a number of trees so that it becomes beautiful and comfortable.
  7. Moscow Kremlin fortress. if you see the history, sights in Russia was originally a fortress that serves to hold enemy attack type in wartime. However, along with the times, Fortress Kremlin which has 20 towers is eventually used as one of the central government and also the office of the President of Russia.Aside from being the center of government, the Kremlin complex also there are many office buildings, cathedral, until Diamond Fund Exhibition is a place to store diamonds with a size of about 190 carats.

    To strengthen the value of its history, the Kremlin also has one warehouse that serves to store many kinds of heirlooms, clothing, and also trains the horse that comes from the Emperor of Russia.

  8. Mountain Elbrus. Maybe you’ve heard of tourist attractions in Russia called Mount Elburs? Situated in a row of the Caucasus, Southern Russia, the mountain has a height that reaches approximately 5.642mdpl. The mountain is also included in the category of a mountain with the highest peak in the world. Therefore, if you have a hobby of hiking, Mount Elbrus is the right choice.One of the men had reached the summit of Mount Elbrus is Florence Crauford Grove, the leader of the first expedition of Mount Elbrus in 1874. For mountain climbing activities in this, it is advisable to do with people who are professionals because aside from having the steep track, often occur extreme weather changes suddenly at the top of the mountain. The good news, Mount Elbrus is equipped with a cable car which will help the climbers climb to the top so that it can start the climb from a height 3.800mdpl.
  9. The Heart of Chechnya Mosque. Russia is one of the countries who are very concerned with the culture of Islam. This is evidenced by the existence of The Heart of Chechnya mosque (Heart Chechnya), which is the largest mosque in Russia and also considered as one of the largest mosques throughout Europe. At the mosque, which was inaugurated by Akhmad Kadyrovini there are four towers, all of which have a height of 63 meters.However, the main attraction of this mosque is the location on the beach. In addition, the unique charm of the tourist attractions in Russia is also on the interior as there are calligraphy written with golden ink.
  10. Cathedral of St. Sophia. Russia also has a very historic katerdral which is now converted into a museum of religion and known as the Cathedral of St.Sophia. One of the uniqueness of the tourist attractions in Russia is the interior architecture that combines Islamic culture on one corner of the room. Here you will also find a wall with the words Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.Additionally, ornate crystal chandeliers is very unique and very well preserved marble flooring also makes the building has three gates, this looks more elegant. Not only that, this cathedral also has a dome with a height of 125 feet and is considered as one of the oldest churches in Russia.

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